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Default Re: When and how should Gwen Stacy die? - Part 1

Originally Posted by mr. peasant View Post
Fair or not, I'm just pointing out what will invariably happen media-wise. They are sufficiently similar; the least of which being that they're both summer action movies based on comic books from rivaling companies. This, alone, would be enough for the media to draw comparisons between the two.

Incidentally, being a 'love interest' has very little to do with it. They'd both female characters that the respective heroes care a lot about and who wind up dying as a result of the hero failing to save them in time and were killed (both, in-story and from the writer's intentions) to induce angst and trauma for the hero in question rather than for anything relating to their own identities.
meh. i rarely see the media "compare" comic films... unless it's a reboot of a past film of the same character. The only people that will honestly compare this.... are nolanites and douchey bat-fans (note to all, not all bat-fans are douchey, i'm just talking about those who are douchey)

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