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Originally Posted by WalkingDeadMike View Post
I can't believe they allow people to own some of this ****. The pistols/shoties I get, but assault rifles with launchers GTFO. I realize the majority of the people who own them wouldn't do anything bad with them, but it just seems crazy to me.
depending on the state you live in and no criminal record, you can practically own anything so long as you're cool with shelling out the time and money for permits, background checks, training, etc.

I own the following:

Glock 21
Beretta 92FS
Colt 1911
Mossberg tactical (man, with the double pistol grips....thing is fun as hell to shoot)
Steyr AUG (semi-auto)

I'd love to get my hands on an M4, as well as a smaller Sig to carry, since all my pistols are friggun huge,

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