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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

Originally Posted by Marvin View Post
Nolan's series isn't above "Cliche" but that's another discussion.

I'm not just saying let's kill alfred cause it's neat. I'm suggesting they go the route of having someone in the bat family outside of that one damsel in cliched distress, go down.

Why Alfred and not the other 3 members?
1. Cause it would hurt Bruce the most(and this is a story about bruce's loss), and it's perfectly set up with all those tired rants Alfred spewed about retiring in the first act.
2. Care to explain where Alfred is for 2 and a half thirds of the film? Essentially months...not using the bat family's vast resources to find bruce, what's more, not being hunted down like a dog by the league, just.....noooothinnng.
3. When bruce is lying in the prison for months, hows much more "tragic" would it be if he had a thought as to how alone he now is, Alfred died, isn't buried and bruce is the one in a hole.

....of course not, this is Nolan's movie and everything from the drama to the action to the ninja's is said but not fully dramatized.

I say Alfred goes down in the first act and the tone is set from there. Nolan had him disappear for almost the entire film anyways. And get this, he can still end it in the silly cafe in France, only Alfred isn't there...kinda tragic.

Considering what we actually got, in particular Alfred taking a 3 month vacation and Batman seemingly walking into a bs trap with guns aimed at him whilst he got into a drunken brawl....I say the home invasion direction would have been leaps better. Cliche or no.
However the one down side is it might mean nolan would have to shoot more action.

...batman sitting in his house for 8months cause he lost a girl and "all the crime in gotham is now gone" isn't my idea of tragic, it's bad direction. How many kids families have been gunned down in gotham over this 8 years Bruce? Bane takes him out at the beginning and then you can have your long break. This way you don't have batman come out of retirement only to take another long break only to come back again...
The home invasion route though stripped from the comic would have been leaps better indeed. Why not have Bane hold Bruce and Alfred hostage in his own cave instead of "le pit far far away". If anything this is full circle at it's best because everything hits HOME literally and thematically for Bruce and Batman. Hell I would go to the depths of having Bane set up his base of operations in the cave and secretly live in Wayne Manor while psychologically torturing him with quotes like "You were born with everything and you alone chose to meet your end in such fashion...this cave was your tomb waiting all along" and cause Bruce to question and even regret becoming Batman. Have Alfred serve him while using Bruce's secret and his life as leverage to keep Alfred inbound (at gunpoint when answering doors of course) until he moves on with his master plan where he kills Alfred in front of Bruce. Hell, have Alfred and Bruce chained below under the watch of Bane's followers and summoned (Alfred) only when needed. Have Bane sleep in the master bedroom and show just how much of a hypocrite he views Bruce as because of Batman and vice-versa. This to me is the ultimate form of mockery and bringing about hopelessness. Bane has a bigger revolutionary plan for Gotham which stems from his deep hatred of oppressors (being imprisoned as a child for the crimes of his father....he sees the poor, homeless, oppressed etc. as a reflection of himself and wants them to rise like he did) and Batman who he believes is the ultimate hypocrite in contrast to those like himself which he believes has been poisonous to Gotham's soul and the perfect representation of what is taking place in Gotham on a whole. This would take place 3-5 years after TDK (Batman still active but getting lost in his monster and it's beginning to take a toll on his mind and body) and Bane would have only escaped the pit a week after TDK (he doesn't need the mask but wears it as a symbol....the tubes resemble prison bars and they cover the mouth/freedom) and his loyal followers won't be league of shadows but hardened prisoners who have come to idolize him whom he convinced that Gotham represents a larger Pit (metaphorically) which they must cleanse. Bane is a self taught, skilled, hardened, brutal fighter because of the hellish prison and a powerhouse self schooled intellect. The reason he knows about Batman and becomes obsessed is similar to the comics but with a twist. The night he was imprisoned as a child a huge bat traumatized him in his cell and when stories of the Batman and Gotham somehow reached his prison years later he becomes possessed with the idea that his only reason for living was to conquer this demon and even prophesied that the only way he or anyone else will escape the prison is because of this destiny. Of course over the years he becomes smarter and his ideals build to include Gotham on a whole and when they are actually rescued from the Pit by a miracle raid, his destiny as well as the others become sealed (no one ever escaped...EVER). Bane doesn't know that Bruce is Batman when he first goes to Gotham but when tracking him down he discovers the secret and it only strengthens his cause because now he can kill two birds with one stone.

Bane's master stroke would include completely breaking Bruce mentally as well as his will to live with the final straw being witnessing Alfred's death at the hands of one of his followers while wearing the cowl. Before this he would slowly start to rile up the citizens of Gotham as a revolutionary for change but without his mask of course stating that the rich and powerful can't be trusted. This is where we really see just how insane, twisted and scary Bane is because of this cult like mentality that he and his followers possess for he then outfits a beaten and hopeless Bruce with his suit, drops him off in front of GCPD headquarters in handcuffs along with Alfred's body with video evidence (the video is done from a POV standpoint of an insane Batman (goon) killing his butler Alfred and showing his secret entrance inside Wayne Manor). Bane also makes it look like Batman decides to cuff himself and turn himself in. From here the city descends into shock and chaos after the discovery of Batman's identity. With Bruce in custody waiting to stand trial, lynch mobs forming, the police investigating and the city demanding Bruce Wayne's head, Bane begins his rise with his message of..."The rich and powerful (like Bruce Wayne) and those in power are all liars and are corrupt feeding off of you the people and it is time for you to take what is rightfully yours..." Something along the lines of the Black gate speech. This is where the new Batman/John Blake is vital to the story with him being a cop strongly suspecting Bruce was Batman and innocent of Dent's murder. He visited Wayne Manor and confronted Bruce (who denied to the end) before he was captured by Bane. Blake visited Wayne Manor during Bruce’s captivity and he felt that something was wrong because Alfred gave him a faint hint but he knew for sure when big news broke. He goes to see Bruce in custody immediately after his capture and Bruce tells him what Bane was up to. Blake then secretly breaks him out with the aid of Gordon and Bruce tells him to get him to Fox and they retreat to the R & D department. More chaos erupts when people learn of Bruce’s escape from police custody and Bane and his followers twist it into….the police commissioner and his corrupt officers have been denying you the murderers head because they are on his side .With Gotham in chaos and the police struggling to keep order with riots and looting beginning to occur, Bane and his men using the cover of the angry mob lead a prison break riling up the inmates to bring down the criminals no better than themselves who locked them up. Bane has now successfully managed to completely ruin Bruce Wayne/Batman and use him as a springboard to send Gotham into chaos while agitating the oppressed into action all the while being an almost invisible force in driving and manipulating the action.

I can’t yet think of how Bruce/Batman will rise from this seemingly impossible situation and disappear by faking his death with Gotham being inspired by Bruce Wayne/ the Batman.

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