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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

Originally Posted by Gotham's Knight View Post
I find it funny that some people find it hard to accept Batman's 8 year retirement in TDKRises but are fine with it in TDKReturns. What are the differences? Dent Act instead of the government forcing superheroes into hiding and Rachel gets killed by the Joker instead of Jason.
I've always said this before and no one has really come back with a reason of how TDKReturns is better than TDKRises or why some don't complain about the former and do with the latter.

Originally Posted by JackWhite View Post
People have complained that Bruce didn't deserve that much time off, because in the comics he had a longer career.

If you look at Nolan's trilogy as a sort of condensed short story, it's not really off-putting.
In fact, I've always looked at it like this:

Batman Begins - Year One
The Dark Knight - The Long Halloween(a sequel to Year One)
The Dark Knight Rises - The Dark Knight Returns(some could view it to be part of Miller's world/universe of Batman, and that includes Year One)

Originally Posted by Shikamaru View Post
-The whole theme about escalation and the "freaks" and how more and more have started appearing in Gotham due since Batman's arrival.
More and more ended up being only one freak and another that was kept a secret. How would that ever result in a "rise of freaks" when besides the secret of Dent, there is only one freak that was really there from the beginning ala the ending of BB?

-Rachel, the main reason Bruce wanted to quit being Batman in the first place so that he could be with her and have a normal life, is killed off essentially removing something that held him back.
Killed in a rather coincidental fashion that could be compared to Jason Todd...and we know what happens with Bruce Wayne after that...

We also even see a nod to Red Hood in TDKR

-The Joker saying he and Batman were destined to do battle forever.
And Batman's reply which was on the dot.

-Alfred saying Bruce can endure as Batman because he can take it.
-Gordon said they were going to hunt Batman because he can take it.
Batman taking the blame of murder is taking it.

-Nolan saying in an interview from 2008 that he doesn't want to bring in Robin into the franchise because his version of Batman was still in his early career as Batman thus Robin was still a little kid, which means he wouldn't appear for a "few films".
Did Nolan really mention the few films bit though? Nolan did say his version of Batman is still early in his career and luck be it, they went ahead eight years where it's not so early anymore.

-Nolan saying in some book or interview before TDKR that Bruce's original plan was to be Batman for just a temporary time (couple of years or so) only to learn at some point that "things wouldn't be so easy".
I've heard this once and only recently on the Art of Making The Dark Knight Trilogy book.

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