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Default Re: The Official JANUARY JONES/Emma Frost Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by HIA View Post
Kitty could have helped a lot on the actual fight. You know... with her power and touching the x-men, they could have run from the sentinels during a longer time.
Not really. She can only touch two people at a time. She'd be useless with someone without projectile powers like Warpath or Wolverine bc they need to move around to be effective. Lets say she was touching two characters to protect them, that still leaves everyone else vulnerable to die, which would have happened. That leaves her and the other two to fend for themselves. Who's to say the Sentinels wouldn't be able to adapt to her abilities? I think at this point, she'd only be delaying the inevitable. I think she was put to better use running away and finding time to forewarn their past selves of impending attacks

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