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Default Re: All Things Superman: An Open Discussion - - - - - - Part 15

Originally Posted by The Shield View Post
It was horrible for me. I was so upset... I never liked how things where looking. I always had this funny feeling. I kept it to myself, the negative thoughts, but they were there. Then when I saw it... I just wanted to run back to the boards and go on a rant of swearing. But I didn't. I just never went back. It's funny though bc there was this guy that used to write pages of hate all the time and everyone use to take turns letting him have it... Turns out he was right in his doubt the whole time. I never wanted to read his crap and negativity. Sad how it all turned out. Now that site is long gone. I miss it though because at least on that site I ventured out to other boards... I even met up with a few other members to see the midnight premiere in Houston. Anyone else remember BlueTights?

I am totally bias when it comes to other hero movie boards. I am Superman only. I think I went to the Spiderman and Batman boards only a few times and that was to check out their fan art.
The poster you're referring to, is that by any chance Lexlives?
Heh, God, I still remember that guy and his posts, he was spewing hate like no other. I never treated him harshly, I just wanted to understand how he could be so negative without even having seen the movie. And as you said, inevitably we all saw the movie and then a several year old war started, lol. Good God... the arguments that took place after that movie, I still haven't forgotten.

Bluetights in spite of all the pro-SR members was still a alright place, some of the people there were truly awesome.

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