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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - Part 5

He would fit right in at AIM.
He does try to attack them very shortly after they can control ants and has some involvement in that.

I really think the plan might have been changed for Radioactive man.

There are others who could be there in the past.
The idea is they need one human villain to add to the Ultron/origin plot, he can't be a really major villain.

Because of the nature of it occurring before all of these events (taking place in the past according to Wright's original screenplay) there are a few different ways to change things if Radioactive man isn't used.

Some of these rumors that show up are very true, but they plant some false stuff within by creating these multiple scenarios... as backup plans usually for what they're actually looking at, to replace characters etc. Even though some of the claims about Thanos probably had no sources, certain people like Jordanstine did. There's always gonna be those cases, thus always a possibility what I've been told and am conveying about my source talking about Wasp is absolutely correct. That other people on the web talking about Wasp are correct.

So when Wasp was taken out of the early drafts to Avengers, Hawkeye and Widow got more time and Hill was introduced... some of the early rumors about that actress being looked at for Wasp were true. however, they heavily altered everything and put in the maria hill character.. parts of that original plan for Wasp could be intact and I can't know for sure how they would use her, but really it's only adding her one movie later.
Wright's script is taking a long time. mainly because it has to do for Ant Man what the Iron Man movie did for Iron Man. Make Ant Man more of a household name/ more popular character than he's ever been.

With egghead he could even add a little humor to the role, so there's a good chance.

"He had captured the Wasp to try luring Hank into a trap involving several creatures like an anteater, but this failed"

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