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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - Part 5

If it's Cabe or Justine I can see some of the need for secrecy there.
And you're definitely right about a lot of things when you're theorizing, so I value your opinion and definitely take all your posts into consideration.

Maybe she is just a nobody

We'll hopefully know more about what's actually on screen once we get another trailer.

I just think it's even more interesting now. Cabe could fit in nicely with all the spy stuff and could be working one side. Justine could even be doing something minor for the Mandarin, and Stark doesn't know who she is.

For each of these possibilities you might need that secrecy element to cover up the revelation of whatever she's doing in the film. If it's Cabe she could be secretly working the spy angle against him, angry ex gf lol. One of the many people trying to kill him. Or maybe she wants to get back together with him? If it's Justine she could be getting revenge. It's almost like it's made to generate speculation if they show more of her.

We really do need to get someone to ask something to her or about her. That way we get some sort of answer, even if it's vague, that we may be able to use as a clue.

Listing her in the cast fairly early and not revealing the role seems like she has a little more importance. I'm not sure when Bibb or Munn would have been announced, but we've known/not known about Szostak for quite some time.
Some people over at screenrant wanted her for Wasp so it would be funny if it is happening that way right now.

Maybe I should step back a bit, focus on this movie mainly, and not worry about that role.
i just can't get over the fact that it looks like she's somewhat assaulting him in that brief scene. If it's Wasp I'd say she's almost pretending to flirt with Stark, using one of Stark's weaknesses: women, and trying to force him to give her information about AIM. She wouldn't actually want to be with Stark. And Stark has Pepper so he's not charmed by her method of interrogation. She only cares about what AIM has done to Pym and thinks Stark might know.Alternatively one of the other women could be doing almost the same thing.

It'd be more comic accurate if she was flirting or pretending to flirt with Thor.

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