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Default Re: Assuming Fox Will be Making this Film, What Outcome do You Hope for?

Originally Posted by DrCosmic View Post
Hmm... that comment was sarcastic. I'm not sure if you're sarcasming my sarcasm or playing it straight. Regardless, Cap regularly using guns was Ultimates first, then, because that was a popular natural modernization, 616 adopted it

Wrong again as usual... Cap has been depicted with guns even in the 90s. "regularly or not".

You keep wanting to characterize how these characters should act and be by their origins (or using that as a basis for their example) ... When the origins are dated. They've been taking modern versions/characterization of the characters in the books and essentially retelling their origins with those characteristics in mind. The ultimate universe has had little influence over the 616. Regardless if what you may think (and Im sure you will try to argue in some feeble way)

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