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Default Re: Assuming Fox Will be Making this Film, What Outcome do You Hope for?

You can suss out the FF members' education and training based on what skills are required for space travel:

Reed Richards - Mission Leader and Science Officer. Multiple advanced degrees and world renowned in the field of experimental physics. As the "dad" of the team he must be at least in his early 40s or the entire thing no longer works.

Benjamin Grimm - Pilot. Decorated Marine Officer and friend of Reed since their college days.

Susan Richards - Medical Officer. Rather than give Reed another job, have Sue be the team physician. It fits in with her role as the team "mother" and makes her necessary, but in a very different way than Reed. Late 20s or early 30s, a decade or so younger than Reed.

Johnny Storm - Engineer. Early to mid twenties. Knowledge of mechanical systems come primarily through his work on automobiles, but is brought on the mission as a last minute replacement after Herbert "Herbie" Kirby becomes sick and can't make the tight window for the launch.

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