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Default Re: Assuming Fox Will be Making this Film, What Outcome do You Hope for?

Plus Iron-Man's origin is a direct update from 616 (A weapons maker, heart injured in a war zone, held captive etc), as was his armour.

His Ultimate origin was so bloody awful (his whole body was basically one big brain cell, blue protective skin as kid, growing back limbs etc) that the last I heard they ret-conned that crap out of those books continuity.

His ultimate armour when IM was being made I think was still the clunky Hitch designed one (not nearly as good as the 616 Adi Granov one the film took it's cues from) Even the Mark 1 armour was remarkably faithful to IM's first 616 suit.

Funny how Marvel Studios most successful solo character so far is the one that's followed it's 616 books the closest...

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