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Default Re: Assuming Fox Will be Making this Film, What Outcome do You Hope for?

Here's one of an infinite number of scenarios that would not only be much more faithful to the original but would also be a much more believable update than the mess in UFF:

Reed Richards - 33 years old. Founder and Chief Technical Officer of Reed Richards Aerospace (RRA) - a tiny start-up that Reed founded when he was 27 as an off-shoot of some of the post-graduate work he had been doing at Empire State University. Reed attended ESU as an undergraduate on an ROTC scholarship. After graduation, he served in Iraq and Afghanistan to fulfill his obligation before returning to ESU to complete his postgraduate work.

Ben Grimm - Also 33 years old. Ben met Reed when they were put together as Roommates at ESU. Ben was a football player at ESU and also served in Iraq and Afghanistan as an Air-force pilot. He currently works at RRA as a pilot and technician.

Sue Storm - 27 years old. Reed's girlfriend and a professor of humanities at ESU (where she and Reed met when she was an undergraduate and he was completing his PHD).

Johnny Storm - 18 years old. Sue's brother. Johnny has just graduated HS and is currently working full time at an auto-tuner shop. He worked there part-time while he was in HS and he does club-racing on the weekends.

Reed believes that his technology is simpler, less expensive and safer than technologies from companies such as Space X and Virgin Galactic. He wants to demonstrate those characteristics by being the first private company to orbit the earth in a manned vessel - his vertical take-off vehicle nicknamed the 'Pogo-Plane'.

To further illustrate the simplicity and safety of his vehicle, he has asked Sue and Johnny to come along on the first flight with him and Ben. Sue and Johnny have, of course, enthusiastically agreed and jumped at the opportunity. After signing all the necessary legal paper-work absolving RRA in the event of their death, they're ready to go.

But the board isn't convinced the craft is ready and they put on the brakes. Reed is concerned that if they don't act quickly and go for it, Space X or Virgin Galactic will beat them to that critical first manned flight.

So he brings Ben, Johnny and Sue to the craft one night. Since Reed is the founder and often puts in late-nights, he easily gets past security, and since the craft is so simple, it can be launched by the crew with no ground control.

The four take-off and everything seems to be going well until an unanticipated interaction of cosmic rays with Reed's anti-matter drive catalyzes an event that creates a previously unobserved form of radiation. The crew becomes ill and crash-lands the vehicle in a remote location . . .

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