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Default Re: Dc Direct Arkham asylum/ Arkham city figures Discussion

Originally Posted by ScarecrowMan666 View Post
Hey man, Winchester and Hagerstown are up north from me. About 6-8 hours away sadly. I live in Southwest Va, and I'm extremely close to the VA/KY border. A little nothing of a town called Haysi. There's literally nothing here. We have one comic shop about 30 minutes away, but the guy that runs the place said he wouldn't be getting any of the older stuff in, only the new waves.
Dang too bad you're not further north, I used to hit the jackpot in the Hagerstown-Martinsburg area last year at Walmart, Target and other stores when looking for figures. If you want I can check out the comic store in town up here for some of the AA line and then check a few in southern NH when I go up there this weekend. It would just be cost + shipping like we do in the MM forum. I still see some of the original ones up here in Massachusetts...of course now that I'm looking to get them they won't be there

Let me know.

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