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Default Re: Dc Direct Arkham asylum/ Arkham city figures Discussion

Originally Posted by Dark Ice View Post
I've heard about this too, supposedly there is a defect/build quality issue with the shoulder to arm joint on the figure and that the joint can give way and break fairly easily when articulating the arm, some people on the amazon reviews say the arms can even just pop off and break on it's own under the heavier than usual weight of the arm, but who knows how true this is.

I have no idea if DC has officially acknowledged this directly yet and/or has done anything about it. details are somewhat sketchy if it's just a few batches of these that are affected in this manner, or if all of them are vulnerable to this happening at some degree, with occurrences just being totally random based on how they are handled.

Has anyone else heard any more info on this and if DC has addressed it at all? I already have my figure, but I'm just curious to know..

It is a bit concerning that this figure has this issue as it is such an awesome and bad ass figure that's integral to the collection. I keep mine mint in box so I have not actually handled it so I can't personally comment on it too much, though everything looks secure and fine from the packaging window. Given this however I would probably say to be safe that this is not a figure to be played with or handled by children, which is somewhat a shame, but probably won't affect MIB collectors as much.

Still very disappointing that DC would put out a shotty figure, especially on their more expensive Deluxe line. not even sure how this stuff even makes it past design & development so much quality control.
I've had TWO that had the left arm just fall off w/in a day or two and just by moving it up and down a couple times; on my third but scared to touch; same w/ Freeze's left leg; broke right off while GETTING IT OUT OF THE PACKAGE!!!! Definately not coincidence; the material connecting the limbs of both figures looks identical and are crap!

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