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Default Re: MCU Phase 2 Box Office/Budget Prediction Thread

Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
Domestic estimates only:
Iron Man 3 - $300M to $350M
Thor 2 - $170M to $190M
Captain America - $150M to $170M
The Avengers 2 - $350M to $450M
You really think they'll all do worse than their previous films? That's some serious lowballing.

IM3 doing $350m would be less than IM2 ($312) when you consider the 3D bump, that should push it to about $360m at least. I say $380-400m, pending it's better than IM2.

Thor 1 did $181m, CA:TFA did $176m both sequels are crossing $200m easily, I'll say $220-250m for both.

I can't see TA2 dropping from $623m to $450m, I'll say $550m low end.

I have no idea how to call GotG or Ant Man, so two shots in the dark -
GotG - $180m.
AM - 150m.

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