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Default Re: All Things Superman: An Open Discussion - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Part

Judging by the trailers and images, I think the movie will go this way:

1. Krypton: War, Jor-El death, Krypton destruction, Kal-El arriving to Earth, Kent family finds the ship.

2. Clark's childhood: Clark controlling his powers, school bus accident, he finds the ship and the "S" key but Pa Kent wants him to never use his powers anymore.

3. Adult Clark: He already knows how to control his powers, but then there is a tornado in Smallville and Pa Kent dies, Clark manage to save a lot of people, but they look bad at him thinking he is a danger. So Clark flees to Greenland and becomes a fisher. In the oil station accident everything goes the same. Clark is confused.

Then, in a night fishing alone and thinking on his future, a ship appear on sky and falls on the ground. Clark enters and the ship gives him all the answers he needs. He uses the "S" key to open some sort of vault in the ship. And then there is, so radiant and beautiful, the suit!

4. Superman: Clark decides to be a hero, he goes out the ship and flies for first time. He goes to Smallville and explains everything to Ma Kent. But then, 2 ships land on the farm: Zod and Faora. Clark goes out and then Zod tells him their plan to build a new Krypton on Earth. Superman disagrees and there starts a big battle on Smallville. The small town gets almost destroyed. Military arrives and joins the battle to capture the aliens but Superman, Zod and Faora escapes.

5. Metropolis: Clark hides in Metropolis and starts working in Daily Planet. Meets Lois and both fall in love. There is another battle of Superman vs Zod in the city but this time Military captures Superman. They interrogate him and keeps him in a maximum security jail.

6. Gravity beam: Zod arrives to Metropolis with an anti-gravity beam and starts to blow everything away to "clean" the earth to build the new Krypton.

Now military has to trust Superman to save the world from destruction. Finally, they decide to let him go. Superman gathers all his forces and flies directly to the beam origin, completely destroying it. He falls from sky seriously injured. Lois runs to him and then... beautiful kiss!.

Superman is now a hero, and the world finally accepts him.


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