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Default Re: The Official Avenging Spider-Man thread...

Originally Posted by Léo Ho Tep View Post
I understand your point. But I don't think Spock is the same as Kraderman. In Kraven last hunt, Kraven is impersonating Spider-man as a mean to defeat him in the most humiliating way. On the other hand, in ASM 700, it is shown that Ock is under the influence of Peter's mind, or at least of Peter's memories. he's not exactly the same otto octavius he once was in Superior, because being aware of Peter's memories, he's been changed. He's not a different person, but he becomes more aware of the pain people can suffer because of bad guys. Of course, being who he is, he won't become the best guy ever.

In his twisted mind, in his twisted way, I think he believes that he's doing the right thing, that not only he's is up to Spider-man's legacy, but that he's doing better than him. But he's a confused individual, because of his own beliefs, and because his mind is kinda altered by Peter's memories. Which is why it's not the same as Kraderman. Again, it won't make him a true hero, but at least, it makes him a more complex protagonist, which is why I like Superior and Avenging so far.
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