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Default Re: Next Batman Villain?

Im sure Affleck's directing, so im gonna say it'll be down to Riddler and Penguin. WB will suggest those two characters (in that order) to Ben or ANY director that takes the job. They're big in pop culture, and massive for marketing, Riddler especially. But they'll also give Ben a lot of freedom. Maybe even as much as Nolan. So if he wants to choose the Joker or a couple of obscure villains, they might let him do it. But I can see Ben not getting too fantastical. And there's a huge chance that Riddler/Penguin will be characters that Affleck will get excited about anyway once WB suggest them.

Using one of those two characters seems like the right direction. I think Joker needs a break. A reference would be cool but for the first solo movie, it's going to be like 10 years after TDK...they can wait longer.

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