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Default Re: The Wonder Woman Costume Thread

Originally Posted by Smashlilman View Post
Lord Jesus NO!!! She looks like she has Grandma pants on. Battle Skirt all the way.
Dude... if that's what your grandma's pants look like, I need to meet your grandma.

I personally think some of the blue leather battle skirt mockups that I've seen are totally bad ass (and there were some more heavily armored mockups posted in one of the Batsuit threads that were just outrageously kick ass), particularly the ones that cover her up more. A battle skirt, ala tennis skirts, is a classy way to go that embraces her femininity but makes her combat ready. Even dudes have done battle in skirts, so it's not like a battle skirt wouldn't be tactical.

But, if we DID get pants, and if WW on screen looks anything like the above 'grandma pant' mockup, then sweet holy lord we are in for a treat. Because seeing that photo of Supes and WW next to eachother has got me *crazy* excited. Batman/WW/Supes together on screen is something I've dreamed about my entire life, and it looks like we're going to get a reasonably cool version of it.

Don't get me wrong, I love the Avengers film franchise and consider the Marvel movies superior in every way so far, but I *never* dreamed of Iron Man, Thor, Hulk & Captain America together on the big screen... let alone any of those guys on their own...

So if Snyder can pull off these 3 titans of comics on screen together anywhere nearly as well as he did Watchmen (which suffered profoundly for its lack of SQUID), I'm sure people will dish out the repeat-viewing-drag-all-your-friends cash that Avengers got. It will put the DC films solidly within the range of Marvel.

And If he can make it his best film... which he can... I think there is a solid chance of the Justice League franchise eclipsing Avengers. (Which would be amazing, because it could create a financial incentive for Sony/Fox to do a crossover event with Marvel).

Back on topic... Gal Gadot is going to knock this out of the park. It will be a career maker for her, and she will do everything she can to nail it. She's got "it" and in this make-it-or-break-it film, I don't think anyone* involved, from Snyder to Batfleck, will bring anything except for their absolute A game. She's Israeli, which lends her a faint air of exotic mystique. While I fully agree with the snap-reaction that her physique leaves a lot to be desired in terms of what we've all pictured for Wonder Woman, there is no doubt she will be in the best shape of her life for this film... which may still leave a lot to be desired for some... just spend some time looking at her enchanting face. One could argue that Wonder Woman shouldn't be so beautiful... but what GG lacks in athleticism (and acting talent for all I know, I haven't seen her on screen let alone heard her talk), she more than makes up for in being an otherworldly beauty.

*caveat... David S Goyer will not bring his A game. First off, he doesn't have an A game, secondly, the dude is so self absorbed that he doesn't care he doesn't have an A game. So unless Batfleck himself makes sure the dialogue is great, I expect that this film, with everyone firing on all cylinders, will be at best a B- because the dialogue will be so excruciatingly cardboard.

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