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Default Re: The Avengers roster for 2011

Originally Posted by Spider-Fan View Post
Agreed. I am actually writing my own pitch for an Avengers movie right now (my last post inspired it). I already have down Pym's character arc.
I say save the wife beater angle for the sequel... since most of the actors won't be back, Pym would be the main guy on the team. Look forward to hearing the pitch... post it in the write your Avengers script thread... just do me a favor... don't over-do Red Skull...

If I was making these films though, in the sequel... Hawkeye and Black Widow being the other "main guys" along with Pym. Pym's hostile behavior toward his wife would start to wedge the team apart. For a bonus, I'd also try to get Thor and Iron Man back for the final battle ONLY if the same actors are willing to do it.

On a side note... if Marvel ever decides they need to kill off a character in movie one (which they'll never do)... it should be Cap. Because I don't think solo sequels would be effective for that character and I also think it would make the character all the more special with only a select few appearances on the big screen.

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