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Default Re: MCU: The Marvel Cinematic Universe Official Discussion

Originally Posted by Lord View Post
But x-men, huh, he didn't produce any of the bad x movies, and with FC he made part of the story, and with x-4 and 5, he wants to direct so yeah, i have reasons to think that he will make a good work.
A lot of people have the opinion that Singer = Good X-Men movies, and that is not necessarily the case. Many people have forgotten that there was a huge factor to the first two X movies being what they were and that factor was Producer Tom DeSanto. HE was the true X-Men fan. He was the one who convinced Singer to take on the franchise and he was a driving force behind FOX greenlighting the movie to begin with. I'm not dissing Singer as a director, I think he's great, but he's not the X-Men guru that some people make him out to be. I think that faith in him is misplaced. I wasn't a fan of his comics work and I guess we will have to see how First Class comes out to then say if he's still got the touch or not. (so far though, on story and character selection alone, I'm not impressed).

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