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Default Re: Scenes in the movie that made go "Uhhh really?"

I never stated the axe came out of his arm. Given, I didn't differentiate, but I figured anyone who'd seen the movie would know themselves.

He did have gear in his trailer, which he had recovered by that point and was where he got the fly-tech from (off-screen). But regardless, we never see the axe on him until he pulls it out of nowhere from his back once he faces off against Sentinel Prime. As such, we can establish that he has access to it in the finale of the film.

Regardless, he had two arm blades in Revenge of the Fallen, one for each. Oh, maybe he lost that power-up when he died, like when Mario respawns as a midget.

This is discounting the physics of the situation, any and all. Momentum, size, weight, thrashing, not to mention the sheer size of the blade that he could have popped from the right arm and should have been able to pop from his left arm (but that's RotF, so I won't make it a sticking point).

Optimus is not how he's always been. The Autobots in the third movie are laugh-out-loud idiots, though I'll make an exception to that statement in the case of Bumblebee, who still comes off as deadly. Optimus only shines when he auto-kills Megatron at the end, like something out of Dragon Ball Z where the hero finally wins the battle because he's supposed to. Anywhere else in the movie, Prime and the Autobots (again, with the exception of Bumblebee) are ineffective and inept in battle when compared to the first - notably Ironhide and Ratchet warding off Starscream and the attack against whoever Decepticon-Tank was, and Prime vs. Bonecrusher and Megatron - and even the second movie - where Prime shined in general, and the rest of the Autobots were involved in the big siege at the end.

I have no gripe with Prime being evenly-matched or over-matched, as was the case in different situations in the first two movies. My gripe comes from him and the Autobots being ineffective and inept to the point of both being accurate character descriptors in the case of the third movie. My other gripe is we have no way of knowing or understanding as a viewing audience that Sentinel Prime is supposed to be more powerful than Optimus, and the only action we see of him prior to the finale is a surprise attack on Ironhide with acid rounds or some unexplained whatever, and then a big temper-tantrum on the Nest hangar.

Seriously, how is it hard to see the difference between that and the instances we have in the first two movies? There's a difference between ineffective/inept and over-matched. Megatron is built as a legitimate threat and recognized by the Autobots with fear by the time he's flying around in the first movie. Come the second movie, when Prime is over-matched he's fighting off three enemies simultaneously.

And please, get off your high-horse thinking it's all about Bay. I don't give a rat's *** about Bay. The first movie is a fine film, which he directed.

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