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Default Re: Batman casting thread for Man Of Steel 2

It's CW shows and I agree that there are some seriously weird and infuriating suggestions (Tyler-****ing-Hoechlin for instance) being thrown around but Adkins isn't good enough either. Whocares that he knows martial arts? It's a role in a film not a fighting tournament. I think Adkins is good at what he does and he isn't awful or anything but he's not good enough and I have a feeling that he would not be good at hiding that accent. At all. I think he could be a good henchman but that's it.

For the record I'm not oh so in love with Bale as Batman/Bruce Wayne either. I think he was pretty good in the first film, okay in the sequel and really, really good in the 3rd. The performance in the 3rd film is the only reason I will be missing him.

I would love for Bale to come back because of that and because I am use to him in the role. Most might not think he can be matched or topped but I do. I don't think Adkins is the man who could do that though.

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