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Default Re: Why are mutants hated but not superheroes?

Originally Posted by EvilClareToo View Post
I've often thought about this as well. I think the reasons mentioned above are all part of the reason mutants are so disliked. Unlike other Marvel heroes, they are a demographic, and that scares a lot of people. Many mutants, such as the X Men, are well organized groups that have a political agenda of sorts. It doesn't help that Magneto came out in the early days and promoted the mutant cause in a way that equated terrorism. Many people probably still believe that he holds the dominate view on human vs. mutant coexistance. And for all we know, it could be true. People in the Marvel universe tend to think that mutants will do what is best for them, while regular "superheroes" are there to protect humanity (since many of them were regular Joes themselves at one point).

Best Explanation


White-washing the X-Men one minority at a time


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