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Default Re: Future TV shows from Marvel?

Daredevil or Punisher are no-brainers. One of them should happen, but because of their similarity as street level heroes dealing with Marvel's mobsters, I wouldn't suggest both, even though as individuals, their characters are different, the MCU crime thriller story is pretty much the same. I would favor Daredevil, because honestly the Punishers we've seen so far have been pretty good already, and Daredevil offers that courtroom drama angle which could be quite awesome. Plus, Daredevil's got a better supporting cast and rogue's gallery in terms of Karen Page, Foggy Nelson, Elektra, Bullseye and yes, the Kingpin. 13 Episodes should bring this home in a powerful way.
That is a good point. I think I would lean towards DD as well, it just seems like such a natural fit for TV. Perhaps Punisher could get a multi-episode arc during the second season of this show.

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