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Default Re: Original Actors returning - Official Thread

Quicksilver was all over the place from magazines to the Burger King ads. I saw endless commercials featuring Mystique and Quicksilver for weeks. I was getting sick of it frankly. And yes, I'm talking about the marketing. The trailers themselves focused primarily on Stewart, Jackman, McKellen, McAvoy, Fassbender, and Lawrence.
And you just happened not to see Colossus' Hardee ad? And Hardee is not available for most of the countries outside America. I went to the mall and there's posters for all the OT cast members except for Anna Paquin of course. And zero poster for Quicksilver.

It would be unnecessary and simply waste time, much like it was in The Hobbit when they did the same thing with Frodo and Old Bilbo.
It all comes to down to execution. Just because it didn't work for The Hobbit, it doesn't mean it will not work for the X-Men.

Irrelevant. We already know that it is going to take place mainly in the 80s starring the FC Cast. Whether you think it should versus Apocalypse taking place in the present doesn't matter at this stage.
And we also know now that some of the original cast are returning for Apocalypse, whether its just Hugh Jackman or the rest for cameo roles. Some of them will return.

halle can easily be replaced majority of x men fan base have never liked her portrayal

marsden has'nt really left much if any impression with his take on cyclops it may not be all his fault but he can be replaced aswell

i know i am not alone but as great as ian is fassbender is animated series and comic book magneto brought to life he is the magneto i grew up with

only ones who are hard to replace is famke and stewart
The X-Men fanbase is like 2% of the over-all public viewers of the X-Men films. First class would be the 2nd highest grossing film of the series if the fanbase is a very large percentage of all the people who buy tickets to watch the X-Men films.

And the shortcomings from the roles of Marsden/Halle are mostly because of writing. If they were developed and given screentime like Hugh Jackman, you wouldn't be saying that right now. And sure they can be replaced, but they all showed up in DOFP no matter how big their role is.

Probably close to it. McKellen and Stewart might have added a little. But even a straight First Class sequel would have probably done as or nearly as well given that the films are getting good again. What made the future cast necessary was the DoFP storyline requiring it, and better characters we know having this happen to them then characters we don't. Wolverine going back in the past to save the future is a lot more meaningful than say...Bishop, a guy we hadn't even seen before this film.
And see, thats the impact of the OT cast members. The audience wouldn't care that much to someone we haven't seen before. But since the future had Patrick as Prof X, Halle as Storm, Ellen as Kitty and the rest - characters who appeared in 1 to 3 movies before and movies that really took the franchise to its peak. People became more interested to watching another X-flick.

DOFP wouldn't be as successful without the OT cast members. You do a DOFP film with just Wolverine + the prequel characters + new characters and it won't feel very special. Box office analysts like Forbes have called the return of the OT cast members as the "All-Star rescue" to the series.

This is all just your own personal opinion. Before we were talking about whether audiences would accept younger versions of the characters. After two films, we know the answer. Yes, they will.
Thats not just my own personal opinion. There was someone here who created a thread about the ending of the future characters and that poster said, that scene was the 1st time in a long time since X2 that it felt like a X-Men movie to him. People still prefer Rebecca Romijn over Jennifer Lawrence. I've seen people complain about Hoult's version of Beast. My cousin who never saw The Wolverine and still got excited when he saw the OT cast members together in the altered future. People might accept the younger version but it doesn't mean, the younger version are better. There was more excitement to see Patrick/Ian again in a X-Men movie again than the younger version. Have you seen the reaction when they attended Comic-Con?

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