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Default Re: The "World's Finest" DC RPG Sign Up/OOC Thread

Originally Posted by Batman View Post
Look, I'm going to put it in the most blatant terms imaginable - F*** DC. F*** 'em. They're not going to give us many of the details anytime soon because they have their writers doing their own stuff, so there's no reason to owe anything to them beyond the initial 1-2 issue established continuity. Past events? Fill in the blanks yourself. DC hasn't been clear about it, they're leaving us with no choice. Say this happened, this happened, this happened, ect, ect. without so much as a flying **** as to what the actual continuity is in DC's mind. Because chances are from what I've seen, they don't even know that right now. Absolutely no thought was put into that stuff when the comics' relaunch was given the go-ahead, they were just concerned with getting new readers and telling new stories under an incredibly restrictive timeline.

This is our payback.
That's the way I feel with one of my characters choices. I don't like the dcnu changes, so I'd just ignore the parts I don't like and replace it with the old continuity parts.

I don't care about your deathmatches. Don't even ask. I'll just report it as spam.

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