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Default Re: How long before the fan community turns on the Nolan films?

Originally Posted by Majik1387 View Post
I'm not confusing two things at all, in fact I respond to two different things in two different parts of my post in response to the two different things. I didn't mash them together.
TDK wasn't enjoying in any sense other than the bank robbery and the Joker chase. Other than that, it was overrated boring scenes of pure exposition and less than subtle 'symbolic' dialogue. That's partially why I prefer TDKR to TDK, it managed to be more enjoyable while taking more inspiration from the Batman mythos that has made him so popular.
I didn't say anything about one line being thrown in saying Batman being there for 10 years, those are your words, let's make that clear. However, references to Batman cleaning up streets, helping Gotham PD, etc. You know, some build up or a nod of presence of Batman in Gotham would most likely have pleased everyone.

I think it's you who is confusing two things into one.

I was saying i didn't see how your argument about batman not having much screen time had anything to do with how long he was batman in the movie mythos?

If you didn't like TDK that's on you not everybody likes everything but you can'y deny that it was a very well received movie. I don't like every well received movie out there but i don't let my personal opinion cloud myself into saying it therefore must have been a bad movie just because i didn't like it.

Whether it's a line or a reference or a nod I still stand that on the actual film itself the idea of how long batman has been batman is far from super relevant. Especially if that is your one main gripe with the film.

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