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Default Re: How long before the fan community turns on the Nolan films?

Originally Posted by Picard Sisko View Post
Speaking of symbolism, I don't understand why so much of the dialogue has to be poetic. It gets irritating after a while. As nostalgia critic said in his review, the Nolan Batman movies overanalyze everything.
I wouldn't say BB and TDK were overanalyzed. I don't think Batman Begins had too much of a poetic dialogue. I thought it was fairly balanced and did a good job of mixing poetic dialogue with normal dialogue. In fact, I would say BB could've dropped most of the corny one-liners completely. TDK, on the other hand, did have a lot of poetic and complex dialogue but I personally think that it worked 100%. There was a lot going on in the movie and I don't see any room for dialogue that could've been dropped.

TDKR though has tons of overanalyzed dialogue and that really bugged me because I felt that it didn't need it in a lot of places. The plot of TDKR is pretty paper thin if you sit down and think about it. A lot of people just don't realize this because the dialogue is so detailed and complex thus it makes the movie's plot sound a lot more intelligent than it actually is. I actually think the dialogue in TDKR is one of the main reasons to why many people label TDKR as a masterpiece of a film. Remove it or tone down the overanalyzed poetic language and the thin paper plot is more visible.

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