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Originally Posted by CrypticOne View Post
I care. I like that GRRM has introduced so many characters. If gives us very vast and different POVs of the people in Westeros and that world in general. We get to see how events impact certain Houses and places and people. If it only stuck to perspectives of the Starks or Lannisters, we would be wondering what the hell everybody else is thinking, or at least I would.
It is great world building, but poor plot managment. In GRRM's own words there are "too many balls in the air." The end game started at the conclusion of ASOS and the original plan was to go to the endgame from there. Now 2,000+ pages later and we are not any closer to the end game. That is a hell of a sidetrack. Its beginning to look like this series will suffer a similar fate to the Wheel of Time series.

If I had to sum up the series for someone right now it would be: interesting world, cool story, bad pace and story managment.

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