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Default Re: A Song of Ice and Fire books

My experience with the Ice and Fire series is this. I read the first three books and absolutely devoured them. I think I finished them in less than two weeks.. I was completely addicted. I get to A Feast for Crows, and notice that it has taken me longer to read that one then it took to read the first three combined. There was such an abrupt change in pacing and plot development, that it really was jarring. After a lot of meandering, the book finished strong near the end so I thought, "Okay, benefit of the doubt, next one will be great." A lot of years go by, and the new book is out. Fans, myself included are whipped into a frenzy of excitement.. The show is awesome, the possibilities are endless. My mind decided to bury, or just outright forget my experience with AFfC. So I start the new book, and excitement wanes quickly, in fact, halfway through and I'm debating whether I should just put it down altogether. I forged ahead, although while reading it I was constantly nodding out like a heroin addict. My faith in the future of the series is destroyed. If the next one doesn't deliver I am done.

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