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Default Re: Gust’s:Yoru no Nai Kuni AKA Land of No Night

PlayStation 3, PS Vita, PlayStation 4
Yoru no Nai Kuni first details, screenshots
Published 7 hours ago. 98 comments.
27 shots from Gust's new PlayStation action RPG.

Gust has released the first official details and screenshots of Yoru no Nai Kuni, its newly announced PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PS Vita action RPG from Deception and Fatal Frame‘s Keisuke Kikuchi.
Due out on August 27 in Japan, the game will be released in the following editions:
PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3
  • Standard Edition: 6,800 yen + tax
  • Download Version: 6,000 yen + tax
  • Premium Box: 9,800 yen + tax
PS Vita
  • Standard Edition: 5,800 yen + tax
  • Download Version: 5,143 yen + tax
  • Premium Box: 8,800 yen + tax
Get the details below:
People who were once human—
The battle against the monster leader, known as the Ruler of the Night, ended in human victory. However, the polluted blood from his fall scattered and left behind a root of evil. Those that bathe in its blue blood change form and become beings known as Jayou—creatures that take away the night from the people.
Since then, the people of this land go about their doings while the light shines, as the Jayou come out when darkness falls. A land that never sleeps, it’s become known as the “Land Without Night.” Bathed in blue blood, a girl cursed with the abilities of a “Bloodsucker” lives for those of the Land Without Night, and fights alone as the night’s sacrifice.
This Land Without Night does not exist on maps. This is the story of two girls’ love scattered in history. A story of life and battle not told by anyone thereafter. A story based on this true love, both sadder than anything else and more beautiful than the moon—.
  • Arnas (voiced by MAO) – A holy knight that serves the curia. She once touched the blood of the Ruler of the Night, and has become half-human, half-monster. With her bloodsucking ability coming from her half-monster side, she fights using a demon sword formed from her blood. She is a quiet and calm girl at first glance, but has strong passion hidden within.
  • Lyuritis (voiced by Hiromi Igarashi) – The chosen saint of the current era. In exchange for her life, she is destined to seal away the Ruler of the Night. Arnas is Lyuritis’ close friend from boarding school. Although she only grasps the expectations of the curia to a certain extent, she has accepted her fate as a saint. Her nickname is “Lulu.”
The Two Girls
The saint who carries the burden of devoting her life to seal the Ruler of the Night. And the holy knight protecting the saint from Jayou and delivering her to the Ruler of the Night.
Arnas is newly dispatched to Rusewall Island, where she is reunited with her close friend Lyuritis. It’s their first meeting since leaving boarding school, so the two girls do not hide their happiness.
But their encounter was no coincidence.
A holy knight and a saint. In reality, their bonds will be torn. Does Arnas protect the life of her close friend, or sacrifice the saint’s life to the Ruler of the Night? For these girls in conflict, their fated decision draws nearer at every moment.
Demon Subordinates: “Servans”
Arnas can form a contract with familiars, or subordinate demons, known as “Servans.” During battle, she can summon them to fight.
Subordinate Demon Types
Various types of Servans exist. Gust has outlined the following two:
  • Attacker Type – This type specializes in continuous attacks in accordance with Arnas’ commands.
  • Support Type – This type specializes in HP and status ailment recovery, as well as applying buffs.
You can contract demons with items called “Yorishiro.”
Training Your Demons
Demons grow as they fight alongside Arnas, with more traits coming out as they grow. You can train your demons evenly, or pick a favorite. It’s up to the player.
View the screenshots at the gallery.
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Land of No Night Will Tell The Story Of Two Girls And Their Untold Love. May 18, 2015 . 4:05am

We now have details on the game’s story and a look at some of its friendly monsters.


Atelier makers Gust and Keisuke Kikuchi, known for his work on Deception and Fatal Frame, are working together for an upcoming action RPG called Land of No Night. We now have details on the game’s story and a look at some of its friendly monsters.
Mankind has won a battle against the leader of monsters, known as the Lord of the Night. However, upon his defeat, the Lord of the Night’s blood spilled out, and this blood would later become the source of calamity.

Those that came into contact with the blue blood turned into what is known as the “Jayou,” or Wicked Spirits, and have began to take away the world of night from people.

Ever since, mankind has carried out its activities while there is light shining across the land. Meanwhile, the Wicked Spirits show up during the darkness, turning it into a sleepless “Land of No Night”.

Having taken in this blue blood, one girl is granted the powers of a curse called “Bloodsucker,” and she lives for those of the Land of No Night, fighting for a girl who is to be a sacrifice to the night.

The “Land of No Nights” doesn’t exist on any maps. The story tells the tale of the life and fight, and the love of two girls, that have gone untold in the books of history. A story based on true love—sadder than anything, more beautiful than the moon—will be told.

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