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In order to protect Rulitis, Arnath explores different possibilities to take on the “Lord of the Night” without the need of sacrificing the person she cares for. She’ll do so by fighting alongside her demon subordinates known as Servans, as she grows and advances through the story.

At times, Arnath will encounter giant Jayou boss monsters, and she’ll even have to save someone from one at a point. This character will provide more information for the story to advance.

After her routine fight with the Jayou, Arnath can take a breather at Ende. This is also where your Servans reside, and you’ll get to check out their daily lives and also organize them. There’s also a way to enhance Arnath by using Blood at the Yord Altair.

The “Actualize” feature is where you use a “Yoshiro” to form contract with a new Servan. Depending on the Yoshiro typoe, you’ll get a different Servan.

While Arnath can only take on the Jayou at night, there are plenty of other activities she can do at the hotel during the day. As previously reported, there’s an arena feature that lets you test out Arnath and her Servans’ skills.

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