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Default Re: Will this really be a better film?

Originally Posted by Infinity9999x View Post
My biggest issue with both X3 and Wolverine: Origins was not that they were the worst superhero movies made. They weren't. Not even close in fact. There are many more films more deserving of the title. My biggest frustration is that they were infuriatingly mediocre. And they both had great material to draw from.

"The Gift" is one of my favorite modern X-men comics. Great inspiration for a movie. But X3 had too many things thrown into it, and it suffered. It wasn't all that bad really. But the problem was that it COULD have been so much more.

Wolverine's origin and Weapon X days are GREAT material. So many good stories you could take from there. Again, what we got, while not all that good, wasn't horrible, and the maddening mediocrity of it was worse to me then if it had been a Ghost Rider or Batman and Robin.
True, they weren't the worst but boy were they a let down. Things seemed promising when Vaughn was announced to do X3 but when ratner stepped in I was worried. But then the trailer hit and I thought that it was going to be amazing but alas it was crammed, rushed and poorly thought out.

With wolverine I truly thought fox and jackman had learnt a lesson from X3 but they hadn't and another cliched flick had been produced.

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