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Default Re: Scores To Marvel Films: Which do you like the most?

You know to this day it ticks me off that Favreau and co. hired Ramin Djawadi to score IM. I think the only reason they hired Djawadi b/c he's cheap and would deliver a generic score. He'd bend over and do whatever TPTB wanted him to do with the score. He wrote nothing special for IM. Which is such a shame. There was a lot of potential for the score in that movie. Not that I'm surprised since I believe Djawadi isn't much capable of anything as a film composer. But instead he went the cliche route with the score. Synthesisers (MV/RC style), electric guitar, limited orchestra. He didn't turn the idea on it's head and made it fresh. A lot of his music sounded like something he came up with in five minutes. Or something like a kid warming up with his electric guitar and keyboards. He did nothing for the score that screamed or captured IM. Already heard this stuff in BB, TDK, Transfomers movies, any Bruckheimer/Bay movies, trailers, etc. IM sounded like any other action-adventure popcorn movie that we see these days.

There were a ton of composers who could've done wonders and a lot more than Djawadi did, IMO. IM deserved so much better.

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