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Default Re: Scores To Marvel Films: Which do you like the most?

Powell is the only one I like in the MV/RC group. That started when X3 was out. Before X3 I never cared for his scores. I like a few of Zimmer's scores except for some of his action scores. They're very generic and interchangeable and could've came from any of his scores and his MV/RC buddies scores. Since Zimmer and his buddies have a laundry list of composers writing some of the music for them.

At least Beltrami got two oscar noms. Gregson-Williams only got an undeserved nom for that first Narnia score, imo. They could've easily gave that nomination to Elfman (C&TCF or TBCB), Doyle (HPTGOF), or Newton Howard (KK 2005) that year. Gregson-Williams was obviously filler.
So you don't like Scream 1-3, Mimic, Hellboy, 3:10 to Yuma, Knowing, I,Robot, Live Free or Die Hard to name a few. You take generic MV/RC over those. Too bad.

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