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Default Re: 1938 Superman. The One To Adapt?

Originally Posted by afan View Post
The battle for truth and justice doesn't cease when he puts on his glasses!
This scenario illustrates the point.....
Superman saves the lives of a small village from heavily armed attackers/terrorists. The weaponry is cutting edge and of American manufacture, as Clark Kent he investigates and discovers a weapons black market that benefits the profits of said manufacturer and reveals that information via the power of the press.

Superman is powerless against the company, obviously if he trashed the company he would be public enemy #1, but as Clark he is free to act.
Precisely. Clark has often been described as a crusading reporter in the classic lore. What he can't do directly as Superman, he often does in the press as Clark. It's one of the reasons why people think there is more to Clark than meets the eye-the quiet, awkward man that they know writes fiery news articles that do not shy away from confronting powerful enemies.

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