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Default Re: The Official Rate/Review Thread for TDKR (TAG SPOILERS!!!) - Part 3

Originally Posted by hockeyboy89 View Post
Now that I've seen it three times, I enjoyed it much more. The first time I hated it. The Bane/Talia twist was lousy. Alfred leaving (you still haven't given up on me......never, or until you're too old and cranky......... then I'll leave). Bruce taking a vacation while Gotham needs him the most was foolish.

It wasn't until talking to a coworker I realized my issues with it. I knew too much about Batman and his history. If I just took this at face value for a stand alone movie, it's fine. I'd have let Talia escape......I mean show her preggo at the LOS compound or what not. Bane should have met his end by Batman. While I thoroughly enjoyed Selina Kyle throughout, it should have been Bats to win. Have Alfred stick around till then end then they reunite on holiday.

I just don't believe Bruce would ever just leave. Sure he gave Robin a good start, but BRUCE WAYNE should have stayed to help rebuild his city. Bruce could have been the face of hope needed. "they need you....your knowledge your resources. Not your body". That could have come to play here.

All in all, a 7 out of 10. I started out hating it, but came back. I appreciate it for what it was, and look forward to the next series.
I completely agree with you. Saw it for the first time yesterday. Here's what I posted on another forum:

(with spoilers by the way, without giving the ending away).

I liked it, I just don't think I'll be seeing it again, in cinema or elsewhere, really.

This film is really more about Bruce Wayne than Batman. That is not a bad thing per say...It's just that for me the circumstances of the 2nd movie (taking the blame for the crimes of Two face) left little room for any other context than this one: Batman is rendered useless for a while, Bruce basically shuts down.

The objective of Bruce in this trilogy was to be an example for the city, and he ultimately succeeds, this is, after all, an achievable goal. In the comics, he wants to rid the city of its criminal element, which killed his parents. This objective is obviously unrealistic, causing (or allowing) Batman to undertake an endless war and become obsessed in his quest. Here, Bruce is shown to be determined, strong willed, but not obsessed. He can find peace and in the end moves on. Don't get me wrong that's all nice...its just not Batman to me. He's not THAT emotionally, heck it could be argued, mentally sane.

So the end of this film is bitter sweet for me ... it is a positive one (although I would have liked a reconciliation with Alfred... they both deserved it, their last scene even felt a little out of character just so that Alfred's earlier speech had emotional weight) Yet an important part of the story arc (through all three movies) did not represent my vision of the character and affected my appreciation of the conclusion, and to an extent of the trilogy as a whole (wich I still love).

Nolan went down the «realism route» as far as it could be taken: Bruce Wayne is a not that obsessed and is looking forward even in the second movie to being done with his mission already, he's bright but no genius either, and he relied A LOT on supporting characters to get his tools, the ears to his cowl, the gauntlets, and what not.

There's a lot about the movie I'm not addressing, both good and...less good, but having seen the movie today, that's the sentiment I'm left with: I'm thankful for three great, and in many ways different Batman movies, but there's a mild disappointment I can't deny. Hopefully the next inevitable trilogy will be «less realistic», not in terms of relying on CGI, but acknowledging that Batman is not a model of mental health, he can't really see beyond his mission and doesn't want to get married and have babies in Italy...but that's just me.

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