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Default Re: Timeline of Nolan's trilogy.

Originally Posted by Binker View Post
I just do it like this:
Pre-Year 22 - Bruce Wayne develops fear of bats; Waynes murdered, age 8
Pre-Year 7 - Bruce Wayne Missing, age 23
Year 1 - Batman Begins; Bruce Wayne, age 30
Year 2 - The Dark Knight; Bruce Wayne, age 31
Year 8 - The Dark Knight Rises; Bruce Wayne, age 39
I've always looked at the timeline like this, as far as the dates on the newspaper and the security footage it's just a matter of that being the year the movie was released. The dates on the "Dark Knight Manual" say Dent and Rachel died on May 2004, but then again it doesn't seem that they were anything official other then some dates by the people who threw the book together. I personally look at them as BB is 05, TDK is 2006, and TDKR is 2014.

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