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Default Re: Jamie Foxx IS Electro - Part 1

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
His origin wasn't really rushed at all. Only rushed through flashbacks, but through dialogue from either him, the man in the Pit, Alfred, etc, we got a clear cut origin of Bane being in the Pit through most of his young life where he saved Talia after her mother was beaten and probably raped and got himself beaten when Talia escaped. The only thing about his origin that really wasn't explained was the function of his mask, such as where the medicine he inhales is stored as it wouldn't make sense if you didn't read the notes about the medicine being stored in the back of his mask that isn't mentioned in the film. Plus, Talia being Bane's real Osito was quite a wonderful idea, imo.

Reading the bold, I'm actually surprised to read such praise for Hardy's Bane from you.

I never had trouble hearing Bane myself. But, I also understand Bale's Batman voice as well in TDKR and that voice gets flack as well, lol.

I always viewed Bane and Talia to be a perfect combination to the plan as they were the literal theatricality and deception that Ra's al Ghul taught Bruce about in Batman Begins, so I don't have a whole lot of bad things to say about that, but the death...yah, it could've been done much better and still have Catwoman being the one to kill him, which, imo, was definitely the best option as Batman wasn't going to purposely kill him. They could've cut out Catwoman's one-liner, though.

Not explaining his mask is like not explaining why the Joker was a nutcase. That's the biggest miss on the villain. It sucked. To say he's in the top 10 villains of all time is a complete fanboy-biased mistake, sorry.

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