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Default Re: What is your opinion on the overall quality of the fight scenes in TDK and TDKR?

The case of a man in a Bat suit in a real world setting would have me a bit cautious as to what he would do.

Lunging at said man in his bat-suit when he's been heavily rumored to disappear and throw things, and channel an army of bats at whim, would keep me a little guarded.

that's the only real way I can think of the approach to some of the thugs in the movies. I like the techniques he uses, but they are a bit cheap, especially in the scene where he saves blake.

But, that's the reason he got his ass kicked by Bane. Bane knew how to take him out before he threw him off the ramp they were fighting on.

Bruce didn't learn much from that ass kicking either, but he was able to Best Bane, by attacking his Achilles face mask.

The fight sequences could have been better, but the guy on the poster is wearing a suit of armor, and as fluid as they made it, it's still limited.

Next movie, Spandex!

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