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Originally Posted by Project862006 View Post
a studio does'nt care how much the audiences likes it if they don't get their money back then whats the point

it is a business after all and money talks
Yes, it is business for Studios, but I am not talking about what Studios think.

I am taking about the response given to the movie (SR) by the general audiences, they did go and see the movie.

And the number of people who went to watch Superman Returns were more then many other movies like The Incredible Hulk, Captain America, X-Men First Class and many other that I am not even including here (for example, Ghost Rider 1,2, Punisher, Green Lantern etc.)

Which shows that the movie was a mediocre success as people did not reject the movie as they did with Green Lantern, Judge Dredd.

So, the talk of the SR having a huge stigma is incorrect.

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