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Originally Posted by spideymouse View Post
For me, the first X-Men movie, the first Spider-Man, and The Dark Knight were all pretty up there on the hype scale. I remember being literally on the edge of my seat in the theater before all three of those movies (as well as Avengers). The Iron Man movie was a total surprise for me, given that I had just been beaten up by X3, Superman Returns, and Spider-Man 3 the two years beforehand.
I gotta say movies I was most hyped up for I remember to date were

Revenge of Sith
Terminator Salvation
The First Avenger

First movie I was balls to wall pumped for the Avengers , I acutally found this site from trying find more information about it lol first midnight showing I ever saw.

I'm pretty hyped for Dark World and really hyped for Winter Solider and Avengers , with all ironman news I've been really excited for Ironman 3 might be my second midnight showing lol

As per RDj after reading that interview I think what was said before was outta context , I think he wants to do Avengers 2 and I'm sure 3 ( being it was one highest grossing movies pretty logical) he seems more annoyed with the logistics (understandable) if end credit scene is true he might be on big screen again next year in GoG if that's confirmed then he's gotta wanna be around cause why he agree to do that if this was it for him I thought he gets a day in process to a degre

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