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Default Re: Kick Ass 2 announcement coming soon

Originally Posted by addison81 View Post
In the trailer Hit Girl says " my daddy made me promise to protect the city",I always that they were just about revenge, at least Big Daddy was.

I also picked up the Hit Girl graphic novel, its much better than Kick Ass 2. I dont think the film will end like the book, since there is no promise of a part 3.
It is more in line with the comic book BD & HG, because in that he is just a gun nut loon fanboy who is living his awful fantasies and warping Mindy's mind along the way. In the movie, it is actually revenge. I will be interested to see how they reconcile that.

I am actually fine with KA2's ending. I just think the way it built to that ending was a bit lazy and full of horrible scenes for shock value's sake. Just from the trailer, I can tell the movie will improve upon that. Especially as it is pulling Mindy's arc from the Hit-Girl graphic novel about mean girls into it which gives her more to do. HOwever, that does not mean it will compare well to the first film.

Also, I hope they take from the HG GN the following scenes Mindy getting a hallucinatory but creepy/sweet pep talk from Ghost Big Daddy before going on a killing spree, Mindy racing via motorcycle Marcus home, a scene of Mindy giving Dave **** when he asks why he's her sidekick--"Don't even ****ing go there. They might as well call you Hit-Boy"--and the scene with the mean girl on the school's roof.

Those bits would be great.

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