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Originally Posted by Iron_Stark View Post
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Iron Man is the one character where it is easiest to introduce a successor. Captain America? That's a no go. Wouldn't be an iconic figure. Thor? He's a God. Hulk? Loses his uniqueness if each successor gets gamma radiated. Iron Man on the other hand? Anybody could get into the suit.

Not saying go with the baby angle, but Rhodes could pick up a movie for Stark, or they can introduce another guy not in the comics. An intern working at Stark Industries. Off ya go. That's how you James Bond the franchise.
Wow, goes to show how very little people know about Iron Man and Tony Stark.
Ugh, no, it goes to show how someone has a different opinion than you. I don't like the idea of Iron Man films without Tony Stark, I've never been a fan of sidekicks taking on those roles. But it's definitely an option for Iron Man, versus the other Avengers.

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