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Default Re: Official Cyclops/marsden Thread

I posted this in another thread, but I wanted to post this here too...

It's my fanfic of how I would've done the ending. It's not completely done though.

This has to be done, Scott.

Scott struggles to hold the tears he feels.

I don't want to lose you again Jean. I can't... I won't.

I've never left you. And I will never leave you. I will always be here, with you.

I... just can't. Please Jean, don't make me do this!

A tear drops from Scott's right eye. Soon enough, more tears start to trickle down both of his eyes.

There's no other way around this Scott. You know that.

Jean gives Scott a look. A look that pleas for him to end this. A plea asking for him to end all of this destruction.

I can't hold back for much longer!

Jean and Scott have one last embrace. One last hug. One last kiss. Soon enough, tears have overflown from both Scott and Jean.

Scott, let me see your eyes.

Jean gently grabs Scott's visor. In a slow but endearing motion, she lifts the visor off of his head.

I will always love you Scott Summers.

Jean looks at Scott one last time. In her last moments, she remembers every one of her memories of Scott. Her and Scott. Together.

I love you Jean. I'm so sorry for this!

In a moment of undecidedness and reluctance, Scott opens his eyes. A red background suddenly fills the screen.

Angle on: Cyclops' face. He shuts his eyes quickly, realizing one thing. The destruction caused by Phoenix, has ceased. But with that, Jean Grey, his one true soulmate, is also gone.

Scott has a look of horror on his face. His realization of Jean truly dead has hit him hard. He falls to his knees, screaming in anger and sadness. He then looks up at the sky, and lets loose a powerful blast that could destroy even the most indestructable of mountains.

He stops. He grabs the body of the fallen Jean Grey, tightly holding her in his arms, screaming her name once more.

I'm so sorry Jean!
Scott stands back up with an empty look. He walks on by, past the rest of his teammates, carrying Jean in his arms.



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