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Default Re: No iron man 3 for jon favreau

Originally Posted by hatebox View Post
My guess is that the mass audience didn't really mind about the inclusion of Avengers related material in IM2, but they weren't exactly hyped by the notion either.
I think most of them were just plain confused by it. My older brother had no idea who Nicky Fury and Black Widow are, and he complained that it felt he was switching between two different movies. I still can't figure out for the life of me why Black Widow needed to be in the movie. Her fight scene was just completely pointless fanservice and the plot point it was related to didn't even need to be in the film.

Also, they could have had Tony Stark could have figured out his father's clues without Nick Fury's help, but then there'd be no reason to have Nick Fury in the film. They did a poor job introducing Fury and an almost as poor job integrating him into the story, and if you haven't studied up on the mythos, you'll be lost. It was a noticeable flaw in the film but Marvel apparently felt that it was a sacrifice worth making just so that they could better market The Avengers. It ended up being cinematic dead weight, and dead weight can really detract from a movie experience. You can't just bring in Samuel L. Jackson randomly appear and say "oh hai I'm solvin all ur problems riet nau k thx bai." The fans end up unsatisfied and the main audience just goes "WTF."

If Marvel's strategy thus far is to just "let go" of people who don't like how they want to do things, I wonder how well that approach will work out when applied to the audience?

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