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Default Re: No iron man 3 for jon favreau

Originally Posted by ElMariachi View Post
I wouldn't really say that about Fury. His interest is first and foremost the effects of Iron Man on national security. The more off track that he became, the greater the risk it was to his and the worlds interests. When he hooked him up with the cure, it had nothing to do with Avengers. That was just some future project he was being considered for. The Avengers wasn't really even brought up until the end of the movie when they discussed it in Fury's hideout.
Obviously we haven't been watching the same movie according to everyone, the Avengers references were said in the opening credits, then at the Expo, Tony told the crowd how he really didn't want to be an Avenger, in the Monaco scene another Avengers reference, Vanko and Hammer were discussing the Avengers, Tony and Pepper talked about the Avengers in the plane, at the party Tony said he was going to be an Avenger while being inebriated, Tony, Fury and Widow talked some more Avengers stuff, then at the Expo again Hammer said something in regards to the Avengers, and finally Gary Shandling called Tony a prick for joining the Avengers or something.

Damn this movie sure was littered with Avengers references.

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