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Default Re: That Wasn't The Wrestling Thread, That Was CGI!

Originally Posted by Dr. Evil View Post
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
* Big Show is shown arriving on his bus. He comes to the ring and cuts a promo, announcing that Alberto Del Rio is suspended. Show blames Booker T for what happened and out he comes. Show vs. Kane is announced.

* Cody Rhodes beat Kofi Kingston.

* The Great Khali defeated Titus O'Neil.

* Mark Henry comes out and destroys Khali to a big pop. Henry announces the Hall of Pain is back open. Henry wants a spot in the Chamber match. Booker comes out and announces Henry vs. Randy Orton.

* Big Show quickly beat Kane.

* Alberto Del Rio is outside in the parking lot and he's taken the wheels off Show's tour bus. Show comes to the parking lot but gets a bunch of paint dropped on top of him from the roof. Del Rio laughs and drives off.

* Jack Swagger squashed Justin Gabriel.

* Tensai beat Drew McIntyre by DQ when 3MB attacked him. Brodus Clay made the save.

* Antonio Cesaro beat Sin Cara.

* Mark Henry defeated Randy Orton to earn a spot in the Elimination Chamber.
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
The Real Deal jobbed to Khali? WTF is this crap!? Where the hell was No Days Off!?

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