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Default Re: That Wasn't The Wrestling Thread, That Was CGI!

Originally Posted by Metallo View Post
But Jericho vs Punk was last years WWE title match for God's sake. Vince is not only out of touch but he refuses to listen to reality even when its right in front of his face.
I think anyone could of called it besides Vince McMahon. Honestly I thought RAW active was fixed and WWE knew Jericho vs Punk would be more current and exciting.

Also I agree with what you said about Orton. They might of had to change the RAW ending with the Shield jumping Orton while Punk ran to the back and the faces came out to save him.

Originally Posted by Metallo View Post

My whole problem with Miz vs Brock is its totaly unbelievable. Especially Miz being super tough and brave all of a sudden when even Cena was nervous when Brock came back. I just had to laugh when Miz bucked up to Lesnar and got in his face. There was just no way he could have felt he stood a chance. I just don't buy it. With Miz against anyone else I would have but not Brock.

Like you say with an actual match how could it not be a squash? Miz would have to roll down the ramp with a truck to give us anything that could believably last longer than 2 minutes.
It reminds me of when I see a little dog barking at a much larger one. They still stand their ground , but we all know the outcome. At least Rey Mysterio can run around people in circles and try to kick out the knees. Miz doesn't have any of that capability. Also Brock is now considered one of the most dangerous men in the world. If the match is going to be any good it has to be against someone big or that has great technical prowess.

I think the Miz is a decent wrestler , but nothing above the level of a mid-carder. He's come a long way from reality tv star , but anyone outside wrestling would never be able to look past that.

Originally Posted by Metallo View Post
Sometimes Triple H was only as good as his opponent but for Bret to say he never had a great match is silly. I respect Bret but I wonder how much of this is talking out of his a** bias...and just how many Triple H matches has he actually even seen? I doubt he's even watched most of them. How can he make that call on HHH's whole career? Bret only gave examples from Triple H's early WWE years and his most recent matches while Jericho gave more examples from HHH's prime years that Bret didn't even touch on. I dislike HHH's way of doing business over the years and how lazy/slowed down he got in later years but at his peak he was great.

Lik I said its been said HHH is no HBK who can go out there and work anyone. He's had some huge stinkers. I do think he's overrated as a worker when looking at the WHOLE of his career but that doesn't mean he's not a great wrestler. Brets just not being fair here.

Its funny to me since in some ways Bret is better than HHH while in others HHH is better than Bret but I've always considered them to be on about the same broad level of greatness when looking at the pro wrestling landscape. In terms of star power they have to be comparable.

Bret has to be considered far more of THE GUY in his era than HHH ever was during his entire career. Brets period on top was a low point for WWE but he also had the excuse of a more shallow roster and fierce financial and creative compettion from WCW. No other top guys have had to deal with those kinds of hurdles the way Hart and Michaels did and they did at least keep the ship afloat.

Triple H just had the advantage of hitting his stride and going into the main event during one of the most popular and watched eras of wrestling. When HHH finally did get more of a share of the burden of drawing at the top WWE's business began to decline. All this despite having more depth in his roster when it came to supporting players and zero competition on the national pro wrestling landscape.

Bret was a better mat wrestler who didn't need to rely on gimmick matches as much. He wasn't the mic worker than Triple H was but he was a bit underrated especially towards the end of his career. Bret was better at going out there with a lesser opponent and having a good match. He was also IMO better at working big men than HHH. He always gave you everything and never looked like he was phoning it in...even with a jobber.

Sometimes Bret could focus too much on the mechanical aspects of ring work. He's great at that but there can be more to it than that. Take all the physical ability away and you take a lot out of Brets arsenal as an entertainer.

Triple H has often needed to rely on gimmick matches and superior opponents and while he's great on the mic I also feel he's a bit OVERRATED sometimes. There have been periods where he droned on for 20 minutes with the same kind of predictable heel promos week after week and overdid it.

Triple H was far more of an entertainer. More of a showman. His entrances alone prove that. He had a tremendous hook with his character to the point that he could do a lot of that and not even have to wrestle to entertain. But sometimes when it came to wrestling you could tell when he was in there with some guys that he did not give a damn about making them look good. He's done some no selling that would make Cena wince and he's been known to take it easier in lower key matches.

Its fascinating to compare and contrast the two. The real shame is we didn't get to see them go at it at their peaks. If Bret had stayed with WWF as a special attraction of some kind or left on better terms in 97 and then come back in 99 just imagine The Hitman vs The Game? We could have seen some brilliant matches.

They're both great wrestlers IMO.

I think it could all come down to Bret being the excellence of execution and Triple H being a great performer. I really wish Bret would of been back to face Triple H , Kurt Angle , Jericho , etc. I know he might of made amends with Triple H or at least had more respect for him. Steve Austin says one of his favorite matches is the NO WAY OUT - Three stages of Hell match. I know Bret and Austin have had regular conversations so I wonder if that ever came up. If Bret were to say Triple H wasn't on the level on HBK it would of made sense , but for now he's opened a can of worms.

Also I thought Triple H's promo's were very long winded. He was a great heel , but you could point to his ego getting in the way of a lot of things.
I suppose there is a lot that could pointed out about Triple H and he did have the benefit of being in a boom period. However I'll always respect him for paying his dues and giving us a lot of memorable matches. I just wish at this point in time he'd put his ego behind him and do what's best for the company. Some of it might be Vince's fault , but Trips owes a job to Punk and doesn't need one back from Brock Lesnar.

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